Thursday, January 14, 2010

'The SnowThing', or 'worrying the elderly Polish couple next door'

From the dark depths of the back blocks of Hove... Nay, Simon 'H. R. Giger' Fox's backyard
of frosty  ill-conceived thoughts...

Stands the awful ribby multi-limbed ice-debutante!
(Scares the cat)
Currently slimming in the sleet, no hair, no feet, soon to melt like the wicked Dahlegian* witch of the West (Hove). Let your icicled groaning loin rent forth the snowball drones to wreak torment on the poor yard-bound one called 'Marley'!**

* The witches in 'Witches' by Roald Dahl had no hair. A wig for our snow beauty, you ask?

** Cat, you have been warned. Play up again, and this gruesome five foot chill-mannequin will be gouged into an unrelenting barrage of pitiless snowballs aimed at your scurrying hindquarters.

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