Saturday, March 27, 2010

Big Brother entropy and the ultimate crime solver

Let's imagine that some time in the future some boffins could make a satellite that could be dropped into a worm-hole and flown to any point in space instantly. Or something. Or hyperspace. As long as it can travel faster than light.

Let's gaffer-tape a big 'Makes-Hubble-Look-Something-Sherlock-Holmes-Has-In-His-Back-Pocket' sized telescope on it. Lob this telescope out into various points in space-time to record pictures (maybe movies) Google-Earth-style of the light leaving Earth at various interesting times and places. For example, Dallas City Council multi-purpose Grassy Knoll and Book Depository, 1963. Israel 30AD (Hey, look, you can see the shadows that the crosses make..) Sherwood forest 1300, Kursk 1943 (Panzers and T-34s mid-explosion), your own self playing footy at primary school 1992. Dinosaurs, too. Tectonic plates moving, you name it.

How about it, science?

Cuckmere Valley

This is the head of the white horse on the hill near Alfriston
(via google earth:)


From Larvtus Prodeo, on the health care debate:

OMG, it looks like more punters havent been paying attention to teh narrative.

And its gold:

‘A Herald reader summed it up best. Anthony Molloy of Bondi Beach wrote to the paper on Thursday that Abbott’s “feigned indignation and lack of anything substantial to put forward suggest he is all smuggle and no budgie”. I wish I had thought of that.’

LOL :0

from 'Sadly, No!'

Austria, weird in many ways, sits geographically as a buffer between the beer, no-mustache, morning-person, and skinny-woman/fat-man society of Germany, and the wine, mustache, evening-person, skinny-man/fat-woman society of Italy, while lacking the compensations granted the Swiss of mutual incomprehension and remoteness from the Croatio-Albanian moonshine and mustache-woman juggernaut.


In the 1930s, situated thusly as well as between the inverted cultural extremes of a Hitler (a beer-abstaining, bemustached, skinny-man evening-person operating among Germans) and a Mussolini (a wine-abstaining, clean-shaven, fat-man morning-person operating among Italians), Austria was the site of vicious intra-fascist conflicts as the ideology’s harsh and emerging Germanic mode displaced the corporatist Italianate one that had shed much of its radical mystique since attaining power in the 1920s.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


VARS (Victorian Artificial Reef Society) was proud to announce today the successful sinking of Joe Hockey off the coast of Ocean Grove on 4th October.

Joe Hockey left the Geelong Grain Wharf at 5:30am Saturday 4th October 2009, under tow by tug to his sinking site. Joe Hockey and accompanying flotilla traversed The Rip at 2.34pm.

Due to high winds late on Saturday, the contractors were unable to keep Joe Hockey in position at the sinking site off Ocean Grove. Joe Hockey was moved out to sea for safety overnight. On Sunday morning Joe Hockey was moved back to the sinking site. Final preparations began, plus final positioning.

A 1000 metre exclusion zone was maintained around Joe Hockey by the Victoria Water Police.

Site Survey Dive:

Joe Hockey is in fantastic condition perfectly settled listing to his starboard side. Joe Hockey has already established some growth over him and many different schools of juvenile fish were seen through out the dive. The dive through Joe Hockey proved to be far beyond what we possibly imagined. There are still dozens of features in place making each and every part of him exciting to explore. We were extremely pleased with the way Joe Hockey has been prepared and the subsequent cleanup of the items that came loose or were damaged when he filled with water.

Onya, Brendan

In other news, Obama feels less bad about smoking cigarettes now that his party has begun to phase in universal health care.