Thursday, January 21, 2010

Half a Rorschach

This is a silhouette of Wales. Does anybody else see a man with a strong chin and nose facing to the left, with a small dolphin on his head? Also the dolphin has pouty lips.

Roy and HG once shared with their listeners a description of Alfie Langer's pre-match ritual. 'Before a big game, Alfie likes a vomit, a good solid vomit. And he can often see shapes, things in the vomit, like a Rorschach.. Ink-blot. I've seen him give the thumbs up, vomit dripping off his chin 'hnnh, we're gonna win!' 'Often lets one go out the back door just to.. blow it into shape.'
'Yeah, me too.. Predictions like 'twenty-two to twelve!''

 A grandpa at age 42!

If you can't see the man with a small pouty-lipped dolphin on his head in the top photo, you might be able to see the guy with a cat on his shoulder in this one.

Surly sur l'├ępaule

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