Thursday, January 19, 2012

When I first read it, I though it was about Michael Bolton* or something

Britain has been caught spying on Russia. Had a secret radio hidden in a fake rock*. The puns write themselves:

The spy world was rocked yesterday when it was revealed that Britain was spying on Russia via a radio hidden in some kind of small fake geologic deposit strategically positioned somewhere.

'We knew we were being spied upon, but how? And when told to find the hidden transmitter and leave no stone unturned, well.. Anyway, I noticed that one of the many rocks here in Russia was a bit lighter than the rest for its size, and also it was emitting a faint 'beep beep' sound. My commander said that despite my description of the thing it was probably not Sputnik, and that if I am getting unusually good reception on the rock radio station, then I should probably bring this little babushka in for look-see.' Now we are checking every brick in Moscow to be sure that each brick is indeed brick and not Eighties Nokia.'

Other Russian news sources say that 'British cannot be trusted. Their words are hollow. They are so very calculating. Get it? Calculating? That's the joke.'

News coming out of Italy has fallen silent about Rocks That are Not Supposed to Be There.

Talking rocks... Talking rocks... Where have I heard of.. Ah: