Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Nick and I went for a hike around Edale.
The trails go through a few farms.

Ah, Melbourne

From the 'Melbourne Today' blog:
Brushes are expensive.

The Horton All-sorts

We got on the turps surprise surprise.

To be fair, a photo of me too.

Where's Haley?

On an unrelated topic, I'd like to see more photos of politicians smoking while holding automatic weapons.

Zara's off

It was like that song 'Stephen's last night in town' by Ben Folds Five.. I thought she was going off to Bangladesh, but.. well it was one of those drawn-out departures I guess. We snuck in a night on the booze at Kro bar. A few smashed shot glasses were testament to Zara's attempts at piling 14 of them on top of each other. It looked a bit like those swaying creatures in the desert levels of Super Mario.. you know what I mean. Those who didn't leave early were treated to some pretty sobering pictures of.. who whips their camera-phone out at the birth of your first child?

Mildred's wedding

Mildred took some time off from work (is that why they got me to Worthing? Because everyone was taking time off?) to get married.

Fiona and Claire signing a big card..

I swear Bob Brown was there.