Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dress rehearsal for the zombie apocalypse

Zombie Amy Winehouse

Zombie Colonel Sanders

Zombie Darth Vader

Zombie Gaddafi

Zombie soldier

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pressing time

I called up the co-op farm that pressed our apples for us last year. Their earliest available date was 27th October. They had a cider festival to organise, you see. Hurricanes several weeks ago off the coast of America translated to high winds in here in Sussex. Many apples fell from the tree because of this. If I wait for 27th October to harvest, I'll have little left on the tree, and rotten fruit on the ground. Iain and I pulled the apples from the tree, and I made a crude crusher with a door hinge.



2 hours later I had about 4 litres. The screws holding the hinge to the wood had started to pull out. Not good. There are some clever people on youtube with various mechanisms for crushing apples, some involving car jacks and frames and efficient-looking presses. My method was slow, tiring, inefficient and wasteful. In other words, in dire need of mechanisation