Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grand Final, Jim, Alien, Julia Gillard

People do talk a lot about coffee here.

Labour minister Julia Gough-Gillard on expecting Saints to win: 'It's time.' Ha! Do people from Altona not like Geelong? Seems odd. It's time?

Morning, Jim.

Something I picked up while watching Alien for the nineteenth time: Ash starts to explain to the rest of the crew that they are obliged to investigate the source of the signal. When Parker protests about not going home, Dallas cuts him off with 'Parker, will you just listen to the man?' Because no-one knows that Ash isn't a man, he's robot.

St Kilda is on the bay, Geelong is on the bay. If I were a journalist I'd frame the grand final as some kind of 'sea battle'. Water Polo, perhaps. Put in some cheese like 'sank', 'crashing waves of (offence, pressure).

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