Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday 8.47pm

Took me three trains (tube ride not included) and four and half hours to finally get to Amberley..

Harvey's Barn, full of manly men enjoying a manly Sussex festival of lots of beer and a little bit of Morris dancing. Bob, Tom and I talked about car parts, too. Awesome.

A few of the womenfolk were allowed to join in the festivities, as long as they had stern men like Tom Parsons to keep them from getting rowdy. Claire's favourite was the 'Ale of Wight'.

A Morris dancer doing what he does best: Pouring beer.

The guy on the left was gauging the amount of beer left.. The guy on the right was marking it all down.. For a competition winner (most popular beer?) or something. Maybe to sell it at the end (there's seven pints worth left..)?

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