Saturday, March 27, 2010

from 'Sadly, No!'

Austria, weird in many ways, sits geographically as a buffer between the beer, no-mustache, morning-person, and skinny-woman/fat-man society of Germany, and the wine, mustache, evening-person, skinny-man/fat-woman society of Italy, while lacking the compensations granted the Swiss of mutual incomprehension and remoteness from the Croatio-Albanian moonshine and mustache-woman juggernaut.


In the 1930s, situated thusly as well as between the inverted cultural extremes of a Hitler (a beer-abstaining, bemustached, skinny-man evening-person operating among Germans) and a Mussolini (a wine-abstaining, clean-shaven, fat-man morning-person operating among Italians), Austria was the site of vicious intra-fascist conflicts as the ideology’s harsh and emerging Germanic mode displaced the corporatist Italianate one that had shed much of its radical mystique since attaining power in the 1920s.

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