Saturday, March 27, 2010

Big Brother entropy and the ultimate crime solver

Let's imagine that some time in the future some boffins could make a satellite that could be dropped into a worm-hole and flown to any point in space instantly. Or something. Or hyperspace. As long as it can travel faster than light.

Let's gaffer-tape a big 'Makes-Hubble-Look-Something-Sherlock-Holmes-Has-In-His-Back-Pocket' sized telescope on it. Lob this telescope out into various points in space-time to record pictures (maybe movies) Google-Earth-style of the light leaving Earth at various interesting times and places. For example, Dallas City Council multi-purpose Grassy Knoll and Book Depository, 1963. Israel 30AD (Hey, look, you can see the shadows that the crosses make..) Sherwood forest 1300, Kursk 1943 (Panzers and T-34s mid-explosion), your own self playing footy at primary school 1992. Dinosaurs, too. Tectonic plates moving, you name it.

How about it, science?

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