Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Canadian for a day, or 'Lost in the Plot'

Those in the know have started referring to me as 'noted foregin supporting actor Mr Devid' due to my impeccable performance in the 'Canadian' episode of 'The country that my heart is in'.

Hey, look, it's not 'The Dears': From left to right: Julian (Not Murray), Tora (Not Natalya), Jo (Not Vivan), Lynne (Not Lisa), Dave (Not Patrick). Eating Thali after a tough day of... Well I guess it's like being an anaethestist or a fire fighter: 98% boredom, 2% 'holy snapping - '
The scene was at 'St Joseph's college Canada'. Inside the doors was a big spolight pointing out down the steps, with a smoke machine on the side. Lynn, Tora, Jo and I were each given a textbook to carry back and forth in the background. 500 Rupees worth, baby.

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