Sunday, August 31, 2008


I live with three other guys. From left to right is Nick, Zara (doesn't live with us, she's Craig's girlfriend), Craig and Paul.


  1. Blast it's cold?? BLAST IT'S COLD??I tell you, you wouldn't know COLD if it came up and surprised you unpleaseantly from behind!
    When I were growing up in Eccles, me and my 21 brothers and sisters had to sleep all huddled together in our work clothes just to get a tiny bit of heat to seep into our tiny bones. If it were REALLY cold, we would also mime the owrk we would be doing the next day, all through the night while we slept just to make sure our muscles didn't atrophy from the cold. That was before our Mam threw the horse blanket over us for the night. Actually, then it would become unpleasantly warm.
    Then we would leave for work at 4 in the morning to go to the mill. It was so cold that we couldn't even cry, but if we did, our faces would be frozen like that for the whole day. We'd have to wait til our Dad got home from the pit to chip the ice off our cheeks.
    COLD?? YOu don't know your born mate!

  2. I tried to leave that anonymously but obviously it didn't work.