Sunday, September 4, 2011

big party

>told by housemate he has a gig on saturday
>turns out it's actually his girlfriend's 30th
>gig is to be held upstairs at a pub other side of town
>dress (up) as hipster cowboy. Girlfriend says 'hey, you're not allowed to look better than me'
>check bus routes. My local bus goes across town and stops almost right out side the pub. awwyeah.jpg
>get there right as this guy gets on stage
>next band does note-perfect cover of 'Burden in my hand'
>Lou gets on stage to sing. Gets handed GIANT Tardis cake, all sing 'Happy Birthday'
>wake up to find GIANT Tardis cake in the kitchen

Wine bottles and kettle on the right for size comparison


  1. Did a miniature Doctor jump out of the cake?

  2. A rather large Doctor jumped into the cake