Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On Fukushima

The nuclear disaster has got nothing on Chernobyl. Absolutely nothing. The Chernobyl reactor had no containment vessel, and coolant valves were jammed closed. Keep in mind that Soviet engineers had to don swimming suits and navigate the cooling pipes in order to re-open the coolant valves. Three engineers dived into the coolant pipes, one was holding a waterproof torch that failed halfway through the attempt. The engineers successfully re-opened the coolant valves by feel. All the while the water that they were swimming in was radiolysing into Hydrogen(g) and hydrogen peroxide(aq).

So reporters takling about the hydrogen footprint can sod off. They are so hot to talk about 'ZOMG RADIOASHUN 2 TEH PPLZ'.

Please give the elderly their vegetables. Please.


  1. I'm fearful of the panic factor, too. People can overreact in times of crisis, especially via the dramatic reporting from certain elements of the media.

  2. Hopefully, the Japanese media is a little less sensationalistic than the Western media... also, there are serious power outages, so the teevee machines aren't working.