Saturday, February 5, 2011

A twitterer by the name of Nevine Zaky put this photo on yfrog with the caption 'Christians protecting Muslims during prayer'.


  1. Hi Exford,

    Thanks for your comment at my blog. I appreciate your honesty.

    I hate to lose a reader if you have been one and am interested to know what you did take seriously about my blog and what specifically has caused you to be turned off.

    Even though I get a pretty good readership statistically I rarely get any feedback from people I don't know from around the traps.

    Like I say at M4, I'm mid process in severing ties with several blogs and personalities and am about to embark on a new phase of posting.

    I sincerely appreciate your advice if you have the time and patience.

  2. So you never explained yourself Herr ex-army.

    You, then, can go fuck yourself.

    Was it because I spoke frankly about a few idols of yours? we'll never know. Was it because I slagged the over rated Harry Hutton, golden calf to the disaffected yet still self-superior thinking elite such as Tony T? Again, we'll never know.

    What we do know is that rear end growlers like yourself and your shithouse world eleven cricket team are emblematic of why the West has been lost.

    I don't regret that I may have lost your readership. Like my no longer reading or caring for traitors like Tony T I am glad that pond scum like yourself no longer "take me seriously". Big fucken whoop dickhead.

    Go blow the nearest Paki for all I care. I hope he fucks you up the arse while you're grovelling. You deserve it.

    PS. Get fucked.

  3. By the way, you may have noticed that I don't share your ancestry. Why you would think that your English opinion would have some influence upon me, I can only think extends from your born and bred indoctrination that the world owes you something, just for being English.

    Big fucken clue here ex-army cuntlips: your country is sinking into the cesspool that your people were warned about by great men, for YOUR people, not MINE, like Enoch Powell.

    It's people like YOU mate, people like Harry Hutton and Tony T that have caused this to happen. Not me. Not my ancestors.

    So suck it up fairy princess and take what is your due. I bet you don;t even have kids do you you English faggot.

    Snide humour is what you were born to and snide humour is your due. Enjoy!