Thursday, November 6, 2008

McCain laments the GOP's romance of Sarah Palin, bursts into tears upon hearing Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson's 'Sweetest waste of time'

Wednesday, Atlantic City Casino buffet:

The beers, tight-but-not-clinical harmonies of Kasey and Shane, and the beautiful pedal steel work of Bill Chambers got too much for old Walnuts McCain, sources say.

If all this waitin'
Just leaves me wantin'

You still would be the sweetest waste of time
I choose Sarah Palin as my running mate.

If I could learn
The ways of your mind

If I could burn
A hole in your cold heart
Damn fundamentalist!

For every time I called your name

If you don't need me
when you get lonely

If you don't want me
to call your own
Don't be using this publicity just to launch your contention for 2012!

If all this hopin'
Just leaves me hurting

You still would be the sweetest waste of time
Hey, we did all right. Did we do all right?

Due to Palin's desire to take out her frustration, Ecologists predict a sharp drop in the 'Alaskan moose population.'

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