Friday, July 4, 2008

Got back from my trip to South Australia. Some photos:
This is the dingo fence that runs between the Flinders Ranges and Lake Frome. Apparently it keeps the dingoes out of farming areas. Guys from Arkaroola say that in places the sand has blown around and settled in dunes up against the fence.. Dammit.

Ellery big hole in the Western Macdonnell Ranges. No crocodiles. Crocodiles would be saying 'BLAST IT'S COLD'

Balcanoona. This is an Aboriginal hunting zone. I had to check with the park ranger before I went through the hunting zone. Rules are that you have to be out by 3pm. In the photo is a fairly desolate part of the zone. There were scrubbier patches around. I only went through there to get to Lake Frome.

Lake Frome, a salt lake. When I was a kid I found in dad's shed a book called 'The Lake Frome Monster'. By Arthur Upfield. Story goes that in the South Australian outback, every now and then a worker on the dingo fence gets attacked by a rogue camel, the 'Lake Frome Monster'. Some guy called Maidstone is found dead near the lake, with bullet holes in him. Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte (!) gets called in to investigate the murder.

With some spare time and my new motorbike I took off to SA. I also flew from Adelaide to Alice Springs to see a friend whom I worked with in Melbs. Didn't pay the long-term parking fee at the Adelaide airport because I could squeeze my bike around the boom-gate. Ha!

I know that using 'water' as a metaphor in poetry and lyrics is the biggest cliche ever. Ben Bridwell from Band of Horses doesn't ever actually use the word 'water' in the song 'The Great Salt Lake'. Well, he sings 'watering hole'.. What he's doing is using the -salt lake- as a metaphor for katabasis, or depression. Zen it up.

If you're going to the Melbourne 'Band of Horses' gigs at Billboard on the 3rd / 4th August, don't spend all your time on your camera phone!

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